Essay Entropy


Wrapping-up the Essay

After pouring all of your energy into the introduction and body of your essay, readers expect yet another paragraph--often the most difficult paragraph to write in the entire essay. But fear not, my friend. The conclusion need not cause you stress as long as you approach it with a little something special in tow.

By "little something special" I mean that you should have a concluding thought; an "A-ha! moment" saved for the end of the essay. Leave your reader impressed with your essay. Leave the reader feeling as if you introduced a different way of looking at an issue to him.

When recapping your essay, BE ORIGINAL in your vocabulary. Do not re-state your thesis verbatim. By the end of your essay, you should have explained a particular view on an issue. Use your conclusion to make that particular view clear. State plainly what you aimed to express throughout the essay.

It just goes to show how fragile and erratic life can be; forcing us to cherish every moment we share and live together. One should push petty annoyances and insignificant squabbles to the side, and treasure relationships before it is too late. Every step we take is devoted to survival and improving life in some way or another. Think about why we visit the doctor, or perhaps why we constantly produce “new and improved” cleansers to eliminate hazardous bacteria. In other words, death, or at least being perilously close to it, makes life important. Appreciate it while you have the chance.

In this example, the "little special something" consists of the examples and consequent point that "death makes life important."

The plain statement is also "death [...] makes life important."